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The Natural Cat

I’m looking for a kitty, and that means tons of research on how to have the healthiest happiest most environmentally friendly kitty around. So I’ve been researching nontoxic litters, and the healthiest cat food, and I’m going to use this lil space to compile some of the links to things I’ve read, so I can see it all out in one place. I intend to update this later with links, since I’ve spent the last two hours here researching, and I”m tired. But I wanted to put something up as a place holder.

Kitty Supplies:

Litter box ( recyclable plastic)

Food dish

Water dish  (maybe one of those recirc. fountains, since cats like running water)

Cat grass/nip

Cat bed/perch



Toys (I’ve been saving some books and links for the time when I would get a cat again… :))

Luckily, cat’s don’t need much. đŸ™‚

Cats I have known and Loved (originally written 1-30-07)

I was laying in bed this morning, and my thoughts drifted to my kitty Pumpkin. Definitely my most treasured cat. I got her, because I befriended her mama, Pumpkin the first. She was a tortoiseshell stray that lived in our apt complex. I could go onto our back porch and call “Here kittykittykitty!” And she’d come running from whereever she was, cause she knew I’d feed her. Around the same time, I also befriended an orange tabby kitten I called Kiki, because it sounded like “Here kiki!” When I’d talk to that one. Anyway, one day, we discovered that Pumpkin had had kittens! Four of them! I went to visit them every day. (Another person in the complex was taking care of the new mama and babies), and I selected one that looked like the mama- the only tortoiseshell in the litter. I named her Pumpkin Too. We shared everything for 5 short years. We learned she had a heart defect, and one day I came home from school to find her on the laundry room floor. We buried her in the back yard. She was such a good kitty- she was a good mouser, and she would come to me if I was crying, and snuggle. I cried the night we buried her, and I SWORE, it felt like she jumped up on my bed. My mom said she kept feeling like she was outside her bedroom door in the morning like she was when she was alive for about a week- and that she thought Pumpkin didn’t know she had died, and told her it was ok to move on. I’m sure animals have souls after that experience, and no one can tell me otherwise. I never felt her presence again.

After Pumpkin died, we got another kitten, a black and white one, my brother named Sandy- actually he named it Cindy, but we found out he was a boy- so Sandy it was. He’s the main cat in our household- he’ll be 11 years old this coming spring. He’s an old curmudgeon with a personality very much like Garfield’s. A few years after we had Sandy, my brother found a tiny kitten, with it’s umbilical stump still attached- VERY young- abandoned by it’s mother (now that I’m older, I wonder if it was just the last of a litter that the mother was moving, but I guess I’ll never know) I named it Precious, and vowed to take care of that little kitten no matter what. I held it under my shirt for body warmth, and woke every hour on the hour at night for two nights to feed it. I helped it pee, like the mother cat would have (cept I used a warm washcloth instead of my tongue! :)) We took the cat to a woman who specialized in caring for young kittens, and a few days later, found out it had died. I think I could have cared for that kitten better than she- knowing what I know now about human babies, I’m sure that kitten didn’t get enough cuddle time. I wasn’t too attached though, since I had only cared for it for two days- but again, I still remember little Precious years later.

The day before I left for my freshman year of college, a tomcat chased a tiny kitten into our garage, where it spent the night. It was a lovely gray, almost blue Russian color. That cat spent a few weeks in our bathroom, before my parents gave in and allowed her to stay. Since she’s so silent and sneaky, and gray, we named her Shadow. She’s approaching middle age now, and is the perfect feminine foil for our other grumpy kitty.

When I was in college, I worked at a summerstock theatre. One of the other girls there was a cat lover, and found a stray. I took it in, but it wasn’t box trained, and I had to give it up. I think it had worms, as it’s belly was very distended, and it ate like a maniac. I named it Hazel, and it was a tabby that was rather hazel colored. I was so sad to give that kitty up, I still haven’t had a cat of my own since Pumpkin. Now getting a cat while living in an apt is a matter of money. I married a cat lover, but he’s oh so practical, and honestly, I cant justify the cost of a cat either. Not to mention we have no place for a litterbox. One day though, and soon, we will get a cat- I’m just missing something without a ball of fluff and purrs.


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