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Another Wildflowerism

Yeah, way to go trying to start something new the day before Xmas eve. 🙂 I will get back to those postings once the new year comes. Our schedule is crazy between now and then.

But just a minute ago, I was talking to Shark about something, and I said, “Yeah, someday someone will sweep Wildflower off her feet, and we won’t be the most important people in her life anymore, either.” And she said, “No!” And I said, Oh, you don’t want to be swept off your feet?” And she said, No! That’s dangerous!” 🙂

Good, keep it that way for a while, kid. 🙂


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Unschooling Day 2

Watched Rudolph.

Played in her book nook.- imagination

Went over the Nativity story again.-Bible

Introduced her to Montessori style sound cylinders.- sensory

Played puzzles and blocks.- spatial

Watched some more TV (I need to just get rid of the thing).

Daddy came home at which point she went nuts, and we took the recycling to the drop off, and went out for dinner. The water was off for most of the day too, due to a water main break- I’m kicking myself for not having water stored yet!

Tonight we’re reading “The Night Before Christmas”, and making homemade egg nog, and hopefully getting the child off to bed so we can wrap presents!!

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Unschooling Day 1

Which is a joke really, because haven’t we been unschooling since the day she was born? But this is the first day I’m recording the stuff we did and trying to correlate it with subject matter, so I can see what it is we’re actually doing.

In the morning, she watched some TV/DVD I don’t know what since I was still in bed.

She roughhoused with daddy for a good portion of the morning.-physical activity

She played “car” in her book nook. -imaginary play (which isn’t an actual “subject, but it’s super important in development)

She did a tangram pattern puzzle, and learned she could poke holes in paper with her pen. -math,  pattern sequencing


I told her the Nativity story while we played with the Nativity set I made. -Bible

We cooked dinner. – life skills


We read books.- language

We made chocolate mousse. – more life skills- yum

We drew on the chalkboard to help Wildflower talk about/deal with her fear of monsters. I realized what sparked this fear, which has made me feel terrible about how much TV I’ve let her watch. 😦

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I’ve been having a hard time with not accomplishing my homeschooling plans.  I hear this is fairly common in homeschooling families, especially ones as relaxed as we are. So, instead, I’m going to post the things we did today here, with pictures if applicable, and draw educational correlations. For example, if we read books, I’ll put “read books- language development” or somesuch.

And until this evening when I have more time to post, I’ll leave you with a few Wildflower-isms.

The other day, she asked why learning was important, and I told her it was so you could do the things you want to do when you grow up. I asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up, and she said, “I want to go to high school.” And I asked her if there was anything else, and she said, “I want to be a dancer.” Anyone who knows Wildflower knows how apt that is for her. 🙂

Today, she was dancing around and singing, and I caught a snippet of what she was singing, and I heard “…sle-ep in heaaaaaavenly piece..es…”  🙂 And later, as we are dealing with sugar addiction over here, I told her I would put a chocolate covered pretzel AND apples and peanut butter down at her place, and she could choose which one she wanted to eat first, and she lit up and said, “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!” 🙂

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Emergency Preparedness

I’m feeling the need to be prepared.

Things I want to research:L

Earthship building

Cob building

Solar ovens

Solar power


heirloom seeds

intensive gardening (think path to freedom/food not lawns)

food storage

preserving without freezing or canning

root cellaring

I know my blog has been crappy lately- it’s just that there are so many things rushing around in my head, it’s been hard to put it all down. I DO intend to get to it though.

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