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So, between moving into a new house, and having a baby two weeks later, I’ve been struggling to get back to a place where I feel organized and calm. It’s been more like treading water around here lately. And I’m tired of it. I seem to have several plates spinning at once, and I’d like to be able to stop feeling like that. I’m sure many can relate. The first thing I’m doing, is dusting off my household notebook, and making it the center of my organization. This morning, I sat on the front porch with the family working and playing around me, and made a list of all the areas of my life I’d like to organize. I’ll come back and edit this post with a list of those things when I can get to it (I’m currently sitting here bouncing a sleeping baby and telling Wildflower how to spell her name). The first place I’m organizing is one that I’ve long been hiding from: the budget. I’ll explain more about the budget in the next post.


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