Why I’ve been away

I’ve been struggling with feeling like I don’t have anything new to contribute. I’d love to write helpful useful posts like the ones I like to read on other blogs, but I feel like everything I’ve learned has been through a blog, and so there’s nothing new or interesting for me to write. And I hadn’t been crafting as much, either. It got rather busy around here. I am juuuuust about finished with Squishy’s sweater however, so I plan to blog that. But I’m not sure about anything else right now.



So, today, I made a lil felted spider for a poem to do with my daughter. The pumpkin wasn’t made by me, it’s only being borrowed, but isn’t it awesome? I wish I had one, lol! It also has a spot for a lil mousie to live in. I love the orange and black; it makes me think of Halloween.

Here’s the lil poem that goes with the objects:

In my garden grows a pumpkin turning orangey gold.
Along came a little mouse, so the story’s told.
Nibble nibble went the mouse
Till the pumpkin was a house,
With two big windows and a door,
And softest feathers on the floor.
There the mouse lived well I know,
Even when it began to snow.

Spider trudged through snow and ice,
Time to find a home that’s nice.
Across the way he saw a glow,
T’was mousies house, Hello! Hello!
Just then the north wind blew and blew,
Oh please, may I move in with you?

Spider and mouse lived all winter long
Cozy and warm, singing this song;
In our little house so full of light
We are safe and snug every night.
Thank you dear pumpkin that grew on the vine,
For our sweet home that is oh so fine!

From: Suzanne Down’s publication “Autumn Tales”

Well, I’m getting back to a slow start on my blog, and I feel terrible, because a blogger I admire called me out of her comments, and sent a bunch of people over here! The least I could do is have some good new stuff up. I feel a bit like being caught in my underwear, lol!

The only reason muffin tin Monday is late is because Wildflower got to it before I got the camera. 🙂 So, here is last week’s muffin tin, themeless. Maybe I’ll get to a theme one of these days. It takes more planning than I invest into the muffin tins atm, though!

Left to right top row: Bananas and chocolate chips, grapes Bottom row: hard boiled egg, cheese, and lettuce and cherry tomatoes from the garden

Today, I have a new project to share. I mentioned that I was working on a little doll for Squishy, and I finished it a couple days ago, and could hardly wait to share! I was going to add hair, but I changed my mind, and added a lil nightcap to it instead. It adds another knot to chew on. And Squishy loves chewing and sucking on things. Wildflower never sucked her thumb or fingers. and she gave me a look like, “What are you trying to pull here?” when I tried to give her a paci at four months. So this is new territory for me. It does mean a more content baby. Even one who fell asleep on her own last night! At three months?! COMPLETELY new territory for me! But what you really want to see are the pictures.  Here we go:

Oh, thats a pretty doll, Mama.

Tastes pretty good, too.

I think I like it!

But I still like my thumb.

I’m back!

I apologize for spending an extra week away, but our modem died on Monday, and we didn’t get our new one til yesterday. Here’s a brief update:

Muffin Tin Monday: it was a movie theme, and I’m apparently no good at themes, we just had a regular muffin tin, but it was very popular, everything got eaten but the egg. Picture forthcoming.

Tea for Tuesday: I simply don’t drink tea that often- I”m pretty much a water gal. And that’s just not that interesting. But I have lots of things to write about, so I think Tuesday will be a “miscellaneous/grab bag” kind of day. Ideas: I’ve got a post forming on parenting, being a mentor, and child development. Just the stuff in my head lately. 🙂

WIP Wed: Still working on that sweater, though I’ve finished the front half. Just the other half of the front to go! I got a chance to work on it recently, and I’ve had a problem with the increasing, so once I get that figured out, I think it will go quickly. Cool mornings are here, so I need to get it done! Mini project is a doll like this for Squishy. I just need to embroider the face and sew on some hair. My older daughter wants it. But this one’s for the baby, she already has a doll handmade by me. (Shhh: she’s getting another one for her 5th birthday!)

Simple Lives Thursday: I don’t have any particular topic in mind- I didn’t really think of it much after I knew our internet would be gone. However, we pulled a bunch of carrots yesterday, made more tomato sauce from our own tomatoes, and I want to get some kale in the ground. It’s a bit late, but well, we planted late in the spring too. Ideas for future Thursdays, though mostly for my own memory, lol: Recycling set up, composting, book reviews/update on dental health. Grain/sugar free meals I try.

This Moment: Sadly, not many photos were taken this week. 😦

On vacation

This blog will be on vacation from now until September 13th. Any blog posts happening in between those times should be considered a bonus. See you later! 🙂

This Moment- on hold

The batteries in our camera died, so there will be no more photos til we can get more. I hope to be back Monday with a photo of my muffin tin! 🙂

Natural Mouth Health

I went to the dentist for the first time in a few years the other day, and I got the news that I not only have 8 cavities in 7 teeth, but I also have early periodontal disease around a few teeth. I’m pretty sure that came from when my spacer was removed 4 years ago shortly after the birth of Wildflower. My gums never tightened back up around my teeth after that, though when I brought that up to the dentist at the time it was removed, he just shrugged it off.  I asked the hygienist if there was anything I could do, beyond the brushing and flossing I was already doing. Every time I go to the dentist, I’m always complimented on my meticulous hygiene by the way, so this isn’t a case of dirty mouth.  And yet, I always leave with an appointment to get another cavity filled. Hmmm… But I digress. The hygienist said there wasn’t anything to be done for it. So, I just come in twice as often for painful cleanings requiring anesthesia, and wait for it to get worse and worse until my teeth fall out? Um, no, not an option. Neither is the bill for filling the 8 cavities.

So, I do what I always do, and I came home and researched the heck out of the issue. I know from reading Weston A Price that there are people who don’t have any cavities, and they can keep their teeth into old age. I also know that the state of health of your mouth is indicative of the state of health of your entire body. So, I bit the bullet, and did something I should have done a long time ago: I quit grain and sugar cold turkey. I’m currently reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty, and I made the connection between sugar and adrenals, and that tipped me off to a lot of my health issues (adrenal fatigue, mainly).  I turned to Wardeh and Donielle for practical advice, and made Donielle’s grain/sugar free brownies to ease the transition. (They are delicious, btw, even to the members of the household who have not sworn off sugar!) I have not really had any sugar cravings, but since the transition was made rather spontaneously, without my usual tortoise-like thought beforehand, I have “cheated” a few times- once when we went to a festival, and once when I was at a friend’s house. I need to learn to bring my food with me when we go places. Other than that, it’s been pretty easy to eat sugar free.

I’ve also switched up my dental care routine. In the morning, I’m brushing with my natural toothpaste, mainly because I really like minty fresh breath in the morning.  I’m swishing with my homemade mouthwash. And in the evening, I’m brushing with sea salt with a bit of peppermint EO added, and flossing like crazy, and swishing again. My gums are already firming up, though they still bleed a bit, and I haven’t noticed any regrowth of the gumline. But, it’s only been about 4 days of this.

I’m waiting on a few books from the library to add more things to my dental/total health routine.

Cure Tooth Decay

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes (remind me to post about TTapp another time)

The Fourfold Path to Healing

Oil Pulling Therapy

The Primal Blueprint & Cookbook

Reversing Gum Disease Naturally

Sugar Shock

and Whole Body Dentistry

I will post brief reviews of these books, as I read them. Though I’ve already read Cure Tooth Decay, and I’m looking forward to gleaning things from it a great deal.

Ok, here is my recipe for the mouthwash I’m using:

10 oz of pure water

2 oz vegetable glycerin

1T EACH: echinacea, myrrh, and calendula tincture

10 drops EACH: eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint/spearmint essential oils

Shake before use, take a swig, and swish until you can’t stand the burning anymore. Then spit.

If you try my mouthwash, will you post a comment and let me know how it works for you? Thanks!