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Bath and Body

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m deeply rooted in the physical and practical at this point in my life. Mostly, it’s been about home organization: meal plans, shopping lists, budgets, homekeeping routines- and parenting: positive discipline, homeschooling preschool, bedtime routines, etc. I’ve been too busy to focus much on myself, my body. But more recently, it’s been turning inward. And I’ve been wanting to take care of my physical self more than before.

I do the basic stuff- showering, teeth, hair- but my routine is very minimalistic- and I liked it that way for a long time- it was very practical when I had a newborn. Sometimes, I hardly had time to comb out my hair at night so I wouldn’t have to spend time detangling it the next morning. So, it had it’s uses. But, I have slightly more time to myself with a toddler. I used to wear my hair in buns- again, very practical, but I also think they’re beautiful. Hair sticks are my favorite way to hold a bun. But they have all broken, and they’ve been broken for months, so I’ve been restricted to two hairstyles- ponytail and braid- and I think the ponytail is boring, and I hate scrunchies- I’m tired of them. For YEARS I have wanted a beautiful set of hairstickswooden ones, not plastic like I had before (which were a Christmas gift from my mom after I had asked for hairsticks- my mom is a wonderful person, but she always seems to JUST miss the mark when it comes to gifts) with semi-precious or cloisonné stones on top.  When I have hairsticks, even a simple bun will be elegant, and I’ll be able to do a greater variety of hairstyles anyway. Just have to wait another month or so for the money. A short listing of some other hair toys I’d like:

A feather barette

a leather leaf (I’ve lost the link to that one)

a triple stranded hair stick

a bronze hair slide

a hair FORK

a wooden comb from Ric

a hair cage

a ponytail cuff

and while I”m dreaming, more hairsticks.

I also decided that I would try to start a facial routine again- I had  been cleaning with just plain water, and believe it or not, plain water is what got rid of my acne- that, and my hormones straightening out, I believe (the skin issues came back in full force at the end of my pregnancy, and for a few weeks afterwards). But, I noticed that I could use some exfoliation- so, I whipped up some of my favorite cleanser/exfoliator: cornmeal and honey, and it left my skin so soft! Now, I do it once a week, if I remember. I need to find something to wash my skin with daily- I’m likely to go back to Rosemary’s cleansing grains: oatmeal, a nut (almonds or hazelnuts for me, usually), lavender, and rose  petals, all ground together into a fine powder- this cleanses and exfoliates gently, without soap. The final thing I need- and it’s something I’ve really never needed before- is moisturizer. My skin used to be so oily, and once I learned not to wash it to death, I didn’t need moisturizer- however, along with the clearing of the acne, my skin has changed from “oily” to “normal”- oh, how I LOVE normal skin! But it needs a bit of extra moisture after a shower. I haven’t been able to bring myself to actually put *oil* on my face yet, but a 50/50 blend of glycerin and aloe gel (100% pure gel- this has no color or odor, and no other ingredients) works nicely. Then I top it with mineral makeup. Right now, it’s just blush and lipstick in natural shades, but I hope to get more creative as time goes on. I haven’t gotten to playing with eye makeup yet, but I know it’ll really enhance my face when I do, because if I do say so myself, my eyes are one of my best features. My favorite place for mineral makeup is Herbs of Grace.

As for the rest of my body, it also benefits from the cornmeal/honey exfoliator in the shower, or an olive oil sugar scrub. I don’t get too fancy with my potions. I just prefer things simple, but you can get all kinds of creative with the additions to the scrubs and lotions and such. And of course, in the winter, I try to take a lavender bath at least once a week. It really helps keep me from drying out too much (and since I can’t reach my back to put lotion on it).

So, that’s the extent of it. I need to focus more on the inside of my body too- and moving it more, but baby steps, right?


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I love the blog stats thing! But I think I check it way too often. There’s about three people still reading after my holiday break. 🙂 Anyway, for the few of you who are left, I thought I’d talk about the holiday let down a bit. I haven’t really experienced this this year- it’s been more relief than anything, and I’m already looking forward to New Years- but I have in the past, and it’s such a dragging feeling. In fact, The Boy asked me about it yesterday. I don’t have any real solid answers, but something my mom did was give me a gift the day after Christmas- usually it was something she forgot to put under the tree, but you could do it on purpose. 🙂 The other thing is to shift your thinking a little bit about what Christmas is- for me, the best part is the anticipation- that’s why we have things like advent- and you can do little preparation things- fun activities, the point of the holidays is to have FUN- and continue with the activities after Christmas- I think the let down happens when there’s just a halt to all holiday activity once the big day is over- the day after, get out of the house and have a fun outing- we went to the library (if you could see our library, you’d understand! It’s 6 stories tall!) and then to lunch. Or you could go ice skating, or cross country skiing, or sledding, or anything that you enjoy. But keep it low key. Relax, after all the rush. When you get home, spend a quiet evening in- we watched a movie- but you could read around the fire, or bake something yummy, or play games, whatever your family likes to do. Then when everyone is in bed, and all the chores are done, go take a bath- this is one I’ve recently rediscovered- it’s perfect for dry winter skin- a shot glass full of olive oil, and about 10 drops of lavender essential oil- the lavender will relax you, and the oil will make your skin so soft. Soak as long as you wish. Let your mind drift with your body. Then get out, towel off, get your warmest softest jammies on, and go to bed. Sleep in heavenly peace.

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