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I’ve been wanting to do a bit more organized stuff with Fairy Girl- so I recently started doing “Circle Time” with her.

Circle time consists of one or two circle games (Like Ring Around the Rosy), and a couple songs, fingerplays, and a story.

This week was our first full week doing one. We do the same ones all week, because at her age, she really needs the repetition to get it. (I do too, actually, since a lot of these I don’t have internalized or memorized.)

This weeks theme was bears- mostly out of convenience, but also it’s fairly timely as January is a great time to talk about hibernation.

So this past week, our circle time has looked like this:

Ring Around the Rosy (many many times of this, as Fairy Girl LOVES it)

Then the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, played out with three of her teddy bears and a doll (who is actually brunette)

and two rhymes

Bears Bears Everywhere

and Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

We usually end with a song that I just happen to like very much:

Happiness runs in a circular motion

Like a little boat sailing on the sea

Everybody is a part of everything anyway

You can be happy just let yourself be. 🙂

This coming week’s theme is owls. Fairy Girl just learned the ASL sign for owl, and she’s noticing owls now, so I thought it was good.

Circle time is loosely planned like this:

Game: We may continue with Ring Around the Rosy, or start Sally Go Round the Sun

Fingerplay: Open Shut Them (Hands- it doesn’t have anything to do with Owls, but that’s ok)

And this one, that I found tonight.

An owl sat alone on the branch of a tree,
(Use arm as branch; raise thumb for owl)
And she was as quiet as quiet could be.
‘Twas night and her eyes were wide open like this;
(Circle eyes with fingers and look around)
She looked all around; not a thing did she miss.
Some little birds perched on the branch of the tree,
(Fingers of other hand fly on tree)
And sat there as quiet as quiet could be.
The solemn old owl said “Whoo-whoo-whoo,”
And up jumped the birds and away they flew.
(Wave hand away, fluttering fingers behind back)
The story was REALLY hard for this theme. I tried to find a good fable, fairy tale, or myth related to owls- I found a few Aesop’s Fables, but nothing appropriate for a two year old. So, I’m going to get 5 books out from the library, and just read one a day (which goes against my repetition “rule”, but oh well).

Song: A Wise Old Owl (From Lavender’s Blue- Naturally You Can Sing)

I also found a cute owl craft to do, and I intend to knit/crochet an owl for her this week too. I can’t wait to share this with our Tuesday playdate!

It seems very involved, but Circle Time only takes up about 10 minutes of our day.

I think next week we’ll do wolves, because this months full moon is the Wolf Moon. And perhaps snow after that, but I really want it to be SNOWY out when I do the snow theme! Ahem- anytime, Mother Nature.


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