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Bunny and a baby

This is the knitted bunny I made for Fairy Girl’s birthday. The pattern is here.


Today was a good day- the kind of day you wish you could have every day (or maybe you do?) where things just flow. Fairy Girl took an early nap, and when she woke up, we ate lunch, and went on a walk- we swung on the swings, and meandered all over- we found forget-me-nots! I guess since they were in a patch of sunlight, they thought spring had come early. Fairy Girl wanted to take her dolly Elizabeth (I named her, she was mine when I was little) on a walk, but I ended up carrying her most of the time. But Elizabeth got muddy, so when we came inside, I decided it would be fun to give Elizabeth a bath. So I got a bowl of water as a bathtub for dolly, and gave Fairy Girl a washcloth, and let her get to it. She entertained herself for a good 15 minutes that way. Then we moved to the playroom where she played dress up while I worked on another birthday present of hers- a doll bed made out of a clementine crate. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to have it done in time for her birthday, let alone anything ELSE I planned to make for her. But, that’s ok. She’ll get them all eventually.



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Busy day, slow day


Yesterday, my fairy child woke me up way early for us (about 8am- we’re late sleepers around here), and despite plying her with “O”s (Oatios), and Signing Time videos, I admitted defeat, and got up. I was able to unpack a few boxes, and do some more organizing (we moved into our new apt 2 weeks ago), and I felt pretty good about myself.

The Boy came home, and we headed up to Kohl’s, where Wife#2 (The Boy’s exstepmom, who is remarried, but still fancies herself his mom) works, and offered us a shopping spree for Xmas. We got quite a few things- she was so generous, and despite a rough start, we get along pretty well now- I think we have a lot in common, though she’s quite mainstream, and I”m quite… not. But she usually doesn’t say anything even though I know she sometimes thinks I”m insane. Anyway, our loot was for me, a jewelry box- I used to keep my necklaces on a corkboard with pushpins for hooks- since I had just unpacked my necklaces that morning, and was thinking I needed something else, it was perfect- it’s so beautiful to see my necklaces all hanging in there on hooks, shimmering in the light- and all my jewelry is in once place now. I remembered things I’d forgotten I’d had- like my good luck ring for choir- I used to wear it for every concert, and it helped me to sing well- it was a chain of angels around my finger, my own angel choir.

I also got some warm winter jammies, one that reminds me of raspberry creme, and one that’s blue with snowflakes on it. And black ballet slippers, which was a footwear staple in college, but I hadn’t had a chance to buy in a very long time. I missed them, and I’m so happy I have some now. The Boy got a new red sweater, which looks great on him, even with his red hair. And a few other odds and ends. Truly, I cannot express the breadth of her generosity, and how grateful we are. We have honestly overspent our money for this month, what with moving and Xmas and all. I appreciate all the help we can get.

Then we came home, and I checked my message boards, and saw that a friend needed some help organizing her books- I called her, and then awaited her arrival. In the meantime, it was time for The Boy to get ready to go to work- I reached around behind the table, and lost my balance, and fell into the window, and just then the phone rang with news from work that someone had fallen down the elevator shaft! Four stories! (The news is all is well- he broke nothing, just has some lacerations- he will make a full recovery)- and we realized that when I bumped the window, it cracked- I find that odd, because I know how hard I hit it, and it wasn’t that hard. After making a call to maintenance about it (cracked windows in the winter are NOT a good thing), he had to leave for work.

Fairy Girl fell asleep for a belated nap, and I decided to reorganize our bookshelves, since I had just put all our books up there willynilly when I unpacked them. (ANYTHING to get the boxes out of there!) Fairy Girl woke up about the time I was done, and we scrambled to eat and dress before our friend got there. She came, and took us to her house for more book organizing. I so enjoyed spending time with her and her family. And Fairy Girl had a great time too, playing with all the toys, and her new hamsters (which makes me want a dwarf hamster or five). I had a great time talking and organizing, and it made me feel good to help her, since she and her family recently helped us move. That’s what friendships are about- helping each other, not keeping score, caring, listening, talking…

Apparently, I didn’t communicate well enough with The Boy, because I came home later than I planned, and he was up, worried sick about me. I feel awful, we usually communicate pretty well. But he forgave me, stayed up with me while I scarfed some blueberry pancakes, and we collapsed into bed.


Today, we woke up to a snowy wonderland. It’s always so magical to me to wake up to a white landscape, when the night before, it was just plain old dark land and cement. The snow was still falling when I got up. And it continued to fall through the morning and early afternoon, though looking out now, it seems to have stopped, at least temporarily. Two nights ago, I put out the Xmas decorations for the birds and squirrels- two cranberry and popcorn garlands, and four pinecone ornaments, and lots of birdseed and cranberries- added to the birdseed and suet that was already out there. The squirrels really appreciated it today- they’ve confiscated all of it. Everything. They’ll have to be satisfied, I have nothing left but some birdseed.

I was supposed to go to a Pampered Chef party today, but I didn’t realize how early it was, and we weren’t ready in time, and with all the snow, it seemed like a day to stay in- especially after the business of yesterday. I’m sad, because I said I would be there, and I like to keep my word. I also love the people who were going to be there, and I haven’t seen them in a long time. And I really need to see them soon, because cultivating relationships with them is important to me, and I think you really need to see someone regularly to cultivate a strong relationship with someone. But it just felt right to stay in and stay with my immediate family today.

We had an unhurried morning. The Boy started a fire, and I put some potpourri on the stove and made some scrambled eggs. We stayed in our jammies. We sat in front of the warm fire, inhaling the smell of smoke and cinnamon, and eating warm scrambled eggs with cheese. I felt inspired to make some hot chocolate, and I have to say, it was the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever made- thick and creamy, and heavy on the chocolate. We have no marshmallows, so I made whipped cream to go on top. I can’t express the way it felt to drink it, with the cool creamy whipped cream- REAL whipped cream, hand whipped by me seconds before it went on top of the hot chocolate, and the hot creamy chocolate mingling in your mouth, sliding down your throat, and warming your belly. Fear not, I will share the recipe, because something this good needs to be shared.

In a pot on the stove, put in as many cups of milk as you want to drink. Use raw milk if you can get it. I think it was about two cups, in my pot. Warm it slowly over medium heat, stirring periodically. Whisk in 3 tablespoons of sugar of your choice one at a time, making sure it dissolves each time. Then whisk in 3 tablespoons of Dagoba unsweetened hot chocolate one at a time, making sure it is fully incorporated before each new addition. You can use whatever chocolate you like, but I honestly haven’t tasted a better hot chocolate than with this mix. Since it was a special occasion- a blizzard is a special occasion in this house- I added half a teaspoon of cinnamon, but the flavor was subtle- add a teaspoon if you really like the cinnamon flavor, and whisk that in. Top with whipped cream. Real is best, and is the only thing worthy of this hot chocolate. Sip and savor.

For the rest of today, we’ll be taking it easy, but I intend to unpack some of our knick-knacks- the last things to unpack- and try to get them up. My MIL is unexpectedly visiting; a friend of hers died and she’s in town for the funeral with her dog- I’m not really looking forward to entertaining for 4 days, with a toddler and a dog. I figure we’ll do Xmas cookies- I think she’ll have fun doing that with her granddaughter, and I’ll have extra help. Maybe she’d like to make ribbon candy ornaments with us too. We invited her for Xmas, but she wasn’t able to get a flight, but now it’ll almost be like she was here for Xmas after all. I hope I can show her a good time.

To Do:

-Unpack knick-knacks

-Make Secret Kiss Cookies and a big vat of minestrone soup


I’m really enjoying this blog thing! I can’t wait to share my recipes, my homekeeping schedules, and my homeschooling ideas with you! (And more about my thoughts on religion, the environment, parenting, and oh so much more!) And now I have to check the fire, and throw another log on there. Once I figure out the pictures, I promise I will post some!

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