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The pictures aren’t working well for some reason. I apologize- I’ll have to get to it later. I can’t figure out how to take down my post without losing it entirely.

Yesterday was The Boy’s birthday celebration. His actual birthday is today, but he’s working late, so we celebrated last night. I made him the meal he requested, which was steak, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower au gratin. For dessert, we had gluten free black forest cake, which I found here. The gluten free thing is actually going quite well. I’ve been able to keep up the baking I love to do, and being gluten free has been an interesting challenge to my cooking skills. But you want to see the cake, right?

Look- my first two layer cake!


And the inside:


And after dinner, we settled in to watch the Muppet Movie- we are going through a Muppet phase right now, it’s something we can enjoy with Fairy Girl, without me having to worry whether it’s going to scare her or not. But half way through, I remembered we wanted to see the full lunar eclipse, so The Boy hauled out his telescope, and I got the camera, and we oohed and aahed. We got there in time to see a small sliver of it disappear, and then it stayed fully eclipsed for a long time, til it rose so high, we couldn’t see it over the roof anymore, and we all froze our toes and ears and fingers off.



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