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Garden Planning

I LOVE planning gardens! Planning one is full of so much potential, and there are no weeds (I like weeds anyway, I’m talking about the weeds that you can’t eat), no bugs coming to eat your plants, no slow growing because there isn’t enough sunshine plants, none of that. It’s all lush and perfect in your mind.

This year, my garden area is north- facing. It gets a tiny bit (maybe 2-3 hours?) of partial sun in the morning, and that’s about it. I’ve also noticed that it’s very moist clay soil- there isn’t any grass out there, just some weeds and mud- so, very hard for anything to grow. I tried to think of places in nature that things would be like that, and I think it’s similar to wooded bogs or moist woodland. I searched and searched for shade plants- plants that tend to grow in shaded forests, and near wetlands. I’m a very practical planter- I like to grow things for their usefulness, rather than their beauty (though many useful plants are also beautiful- with notable exceptions, like peonies- my garden style runs heavily on the cottage mish-mash side- offends The poor Boy’s sensibilities -straight rows, no weeds- he’s done very well to adjusting when I shout, “No! Don’t pull that up! It’s purslane! It’s going in our salad next week!” 🙂 )

Anyway, I digress. It’s very hard finding practical plants that grow well in so much shade. But I have found a few that I think might do well. So here are the ones I’m getting,a nd I hope they like it here!

Meadowsweet- grows well in shade and moist conditions

Sweet Woodruff- ground cover, good in the shade

Feverfew- useful herb, grows well in shade

Columbine- woodland flower, useful plant

Comfrey- the reasoning is if it’s invasive in sunny spots, it might grow noninvasively in shady spots

Anise Hyssop? I’ve got to research this one- I have it on one of my many lists, and I can’t remember anything about it, other than I saw hyssop last year, and the bees and butterflies were veritably SWARMING around it! I want something that draws those wonderful insects to my garden! 🙂


Bleeding Heart (need to research those more too)


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