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I have been very lax on posting pictures- I wanted to post at least one with each post! But honestly, uploading pictures on a daily basis would be a pain in my rear- it’s already a large pain. But I do love to share pics, so doing it every so often isn’t so bad. 🙂

Here are some things I’ve been doing for my waldorfy/montessori approach to preschool:

Our nature basket. We don’t have space for a full table, so I took a small basket I had, added an old silk (my Gramma used to cover her head with this one), and took Fairy Girl on a nature walk. We came back with goodies, as you can see.


My Gramma lived in Florida, and liked to collect shells- I have a small jar of them, so I took a few of the largest ones out and put them in a basket for Fairy Girl to explore.


I’ve been wanting to do this sensory activity for a long time. I have fun memories of doing it when I was little- you take old film cannisters, and cotton balls, and put different scents onto them to sniff and identify- I tried to get a range of smells- there was lavender, peppermint, garlic, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, eucalyptus, and clove. Then I put it where she could find it.


I have a small collection of thrifted tins, and I put all the various gluten free flours I have now in them. It’s so pretty. 🙂


And I saved the best for last. Fairy Girl is on the right. *love*



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