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The past two days of Simple Abundance have been about Order and Harmony. These are two things I hold very dear. There is an order to everything in nature- like the song, “To everything, there is a season”. It starts with your own breath- breathing in, breathing out. Heartbeat. If you’re a woman, cycles- fullness, emptying. Fecundity, barrenness. There is an order to the days- morning, afternoon, night- breathing in, breathing out. Waldorf emphasizes this order to the day, recognizing that children are more deeply connected to these rhythms than adults are, and need this to feel safe and connected. Built into the day are breathing in times- times where we contract, move inward, rest- and breathing out times, times of expansion, activity, outward motion. When these happen at regular intervals, we have harmony- the kind of day where it all seems to just flow, effortlessly. (Why does it take so much EFFORT to have that feeling???)- our weeks too, have rhythm- breathing out, work, errands; breathing in, recreation, sabbath. And the year, the very Earth herself, has rhythm- spring, out, growth- winter, in, hibernation. These cycles are natural, and wondrous.

I’m always striving to live more in harmony with nature’s cycles, and trying to find my own balance. It’s frustrating to me to have to work so hard at it- to me, these things should be as natural as breathing- and I believe that they once were- but slowly, slowly in trickled our innovations- electric light, automatic appliances, cars… and we forgot in our convenience how much happier we were with the appointed times. So, for me, it’s hard. I try to eat with the seasons, but that requires that I learn knowledge that should be instinctive- what foods are in season when- I try to have form to our days, but outside schedules dictate. But I do feel that I am coming closer to what should be instinctive all the time.

Here is what our daily schedule looks like (keep in mind, it’s a work in progress, constantly changing)

OUT: Wake up, breakfast, morning chores

IN: Circle time

OUT: Free play/chores

IN: Lunch

OUT: Walk, swing, outside play (or art on rainy days)

IN: Stories/Nap

OUT: more chores

IN: Family time/dinner

IN: Bedtime routine

Our weeks have order too:

Monday-Thurs: chores, errands, playdates- OUT

Fri-Sun: Sabbath, rest, play- IN


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