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Coming Full Circle

I’m reading this book called Everyday Sacred. It’s a book about- well, it’s hard to describe. It’s not the kind of book that flows, it’s more like a collection of short stories- I mean, short real stories, not “short stories”, like you were sitting at a table having tea with the author. In it, she tells a story about Helen, who lost everything in a fire- in unexpected ways, what she lost comes back to her- recipes, patterns- she believes something good will come out of it.

Other people find that what they give away is what people give back to them when they lose their possessions in the fire- one woman gets back something precious she nearly didn’t give away in the first place, one woman gets back things she gave away because she didn’t want them.

I pause to contemplate this, and catch a bit of the music that’s playing: “You’ve got to know that all you give away will come circling back to you…”

Maybe I should try being more selfless, more loving. I get mad when I think The Boy isn’t being selfless enough to me- isn’t that totally selfish of me?? Pot/kettle anyone? I just have to laugh at myself. I wonder if he’d notice if I started treating him the way I wish he’d treat me. I try for a while, but then I get impatient when he doesn’t do what he’s “supposed” to, but part of the whole activity is to not be attached to an outcome.

I feel inspired to give away $80- $20 to 4 people, just for the heck of it. If I give away money, maybe I won’t feel the lack of it. After all, who gives away money unless they have enough to give away in the first place? Will The Boy go along with this? Not likely- I have to do it anyway, with my money, not his. I think it will bring more money back to us, but that’s not why you do it- you do it because you will bless someone with your generosity.


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Gratitude List

I have been keeping a short list of things I’m thankful for on a little chalkboard on my dining room wall. I change it whenever I feel inspired. I keep it to three or four things- that’s all that will fit on it, and I don’t pressure myself to do it daily, because then it would just become another thing to do, and not an opportunity for real gratitude. But I realized today that I like having the lists to look back on, so I think I’ll keep them in my journal.

This one is from the day we had our Valentine’s Tea:





This one is from The Boy’s Birthday:

The Boy
The moon


This one is from a day spent in a state park from a warm spell a week or two ago:

Nature (that’s shorthand for the ineffable grandeur and wonder of it all)


Maple Syrup


And today:


A full fruit bowl in winter



I’m just going to keep adding…








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I saw that episode on Oprah recently, about “The Secret”- I have to admit, I can get the theory, and be on board with that, but I’m always doubtful about the practical applications. So, I decided to try something small. I was about out of soap, and I don’t like to use store-bought soap- I either buy it from the Renfaire (the lady there makes an awesome almond bar!) or somewhere else- I haven’t bought store soap in years. The last soap I had was a gift from someone who brought it back from Hawaii for me- coconut, mango, plumeria, and lilac. Yum! But I was about out- the bar was just a sliver- I estimated I had a week left of soap. I told the universe I needed soap- goats milk please- I love goat milk soap, it’s so soft and creamy.  I didn’t care if I had to pay for it, but free is nice.  I ran out of soap faster than I thought, so I had to take a couple soapless showers (I used baking soda instead), and yesterday, Fairy Girl got into my overnight kit, and lo and behold, there was soap in it! Admittedly, it was a tiny sliver too, and I thought, “This isn’t what I meant universe, but I”ll take it.” But today, I went to pick up my first share of raw milk and eggs, and there it was- SOAP! For FREE! A full bar! I have no idea if it’s goat’s milk or not, but I don’t care- it’s soft and creamy, and it smells good. And I don’t have to get it from the store! Granted, the soap won’t change my life (though the lack thereof might have! lol!), but it was nice to see that this Law of Attraction really DOES work. I’ve been visualizing a small herb shop for a year now- I don’t expect it to materialize for another few years, but it will. I’m visualizing a tiny cottage home to go with it, with lots of space for a garden and chickens- again, I don’t expect it to materialize immediately here, but I DO expect that I will have my cottage, garden, herb shop, and chickens/cats/ more children one day. How can I not, when the image is so clear in my mind?

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The past two days of Simple Abundance have been about Order and Harmony. These are two things I hold very dear. There is an order to everything in nature- like the song, “To everything, there is a season”. It starts with your own breath- breathing in, breathing out. Heartbeat. If you’re a woman, cycles- fullness, emptying. Fecundity, barrenness. There is an order to the days- morning, afternoon, night- breathing in, breathing out. Waldorf emphasizes this order to the day, recognizing that children are more deeply connected to these rhythms than adults are, and need this to feel safe and connected. Built into the day are breathing in times- times where we contract, move inward, rest- and breathing out times, times of expansion, activity, outward motion. When these happen at regular intervals, we have harmony- the kind of day where it all seems to just flow, effortlessly. (Why does it take so much EFFORT to have that feeling???)- our weeks too, have rhythm- breathing out, work, errands; breathing in, recreation, sabbath. And the year, the very Earth herself, has rhythm- spring, out, growth- winter, in, hibernation. These cycles are natural, and wondrous.

I’m always striving to live more in harmony with nature’s cycles, and trying to find my own balance. It’s frustrating to me to have to work so hard at it- to me, these things should be as natural as breathing- and I believe that they once were- but slowly, slowly in trickled our innovations- electric light, automatic appliances, cars… and we forgot in our convenience how much happier we were with the appointed times. So, for me, it’s hard. I try to eat with the seasons, but that requires that I learn knowledge that should be instinctive- what foods are in season when- I try to have form to our days, but outside schedules dictate. But I do feel that I am coming closer to what should be instinctive all the time.

Here is what our daily schedule looks like (keep in mind, it’s a work in progress, constantly changing)

OUT: Wake up, breakfast, morning chores

IN: Circle time

OUT: Free play/chores

IN: Lunch

OUT: Walk, swing, outside play (or art on rainy days)

IN: Stories/Nap

OUT: more chores

IN: Family time/dinner

IN: Bedtime routine

Our weeks have order too:

Monday-Thurs: chores, errands, playdates- OUT

Fri-Sun: Sabbath, rest, play- IN

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I have gotten to the part where SBB asks you to start a gratitude journal. I take time very frequently to be grateful for simple things, but I decided to go along with her, and start one. I may do this on paper, or I may do it here, I haven’t decided. But I thought I’d share my last 48 hours of gratitude with you.

1. cuddling and nursing in bed when you have nowhere to go

2. warm fires (and let me just add the whole sensory experience of a fire- the heat, the smell of the smoke, the crackling, the closeness as it draws people in toward it, watching the embers blink out one by one in the darkness)

3. sparkling clean sinks

4. winter sun and sky

5. fleece jammies

6. deep, dark, velvet chocolate

7. gluten free crackers

8. a washing machine (IN the apt!!!)

9. naps

10. sunshine

11. SNOW!

12. candlelight

13. a child’s laugh

14. hand crocheted/knitted blankets

In the words of Emily from “Our Town”: “Oh, earth,you are too wonderful for anybody to realize you.”

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What do I need?

Today (Ok, 4 days ago, I’m very behind) SBB asks what you really NEED to survive.

I need The Boy and Fairy Girl- without them, I have no reason. I need food, air, and water. (I sound like a plant! :)) Real, nourishing food, fresh air, and clean water. Sunshine- without it, I’d get very depressed. I need shelter- a place that’s warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Clothing, for similar reasons. (Though, clothing almost becomes a want rather than a need, in summer- too bad it’s illegal to be naked. *sigh*) I need sleep. I need nature- animals and things that are green. Without them, it would be a bleak place. I need books, and time to think. To be alone, to grow. I need family, connection to my past. I need girlfriends- reflections of different aspects of myself, challenging one another, supporting and comforting one another. I need beauty- art, music.

That’s all I can think of. Could I pare down this list, even? Yes, but to be my best, this is what I need. What do you need?

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This is the main crux of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book (hereafter referred to as SBB, to save my fingers!)

The Six Principles of Abundance:

1. Gratitude- all you have is all you need- all you could possibly want, even

2. Simplicity- gratitude gives way to simplicity- clear out, pare down, come to the essence of what you need to truly live well.

3. Order- simplicity brings order, internally and externally

4. Harmony- Order brings harmony, the inner peace you need to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you daily

5. Beauty, which begets

6. Joy

Now, tell me that isn’t the Law of Attraction right there? 🙂

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