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Our Valentine’s Day

Today has been a day full of love. I woke up this morning to about 22 sticky notes that said “I love you” in various places around the house. I made pink oatmeal with red sugar for Fairy Girl, and proceeded to scramble to make goodies for our Valentine’s Tea Party!

We had two of Fairy Girl’s little friends over, and we all had raspberry tea, tea sandwiches, croissants, and chocolate covered strawberries. As you can see, they were a hit. (with the mamas too).


I thought I’d share some of our Valentine decor- this is the first year I’ve really had a chance to decorate as I envision for the holidays, and I’m very proud of it. It makes me happy to look at. We’ll be keeping it up for another month, til St Patty’s Day.

I took down our Christmas wreath, and I wanted to put up a heart shaped wreath of red roses, but that would be expensive to do with fresh flowers, and I for some reason can’t get into silk flowers. No matter how real they look, they always look fake to me. So, I got this as a good compromise. I like it.


Next, I made this cloth banner, as seen on Mom in Madison’s blog. I want to do a green one for St Patty’s Day, too.


And I stayed up one night when I couldn’t sleep, and strung these hearts over the window. It’s wax paper and crayon shavings. I like the effect, except I think that big one in the middle looks like it has measles. *giggle*


We have a display over our entertainment center that I change around every so often. I kept the red and ivory candles for Christmas, and took down the (extremely pointy) greenery, and added these craft store letters that I glittered. (An idea I took from Dawn)


I set our table with a red poinsettia tablecloth from Christmas, but covered it with a piece of white lace I picked up from the fabric store, and topped it with some candles I got from the dollar bin at Target.


Well, that’s all the pictures I took that are share-worthy. I wish you could see the full effect, it’s really lovely in here.


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