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WIP Wednesdays

Since we were in the middle of a move, and I was hit hard with pregnancy fatigue, I never made anything for my baby while she was in utero. I decided on this project in my third trimester, and while one week overdue, I went out and bought the yarn. I rushed home to at least get it STARTED before she came, but alas! I didn’t have the right size needles! Augh! So, it sat for weeks after her birth, and in that postpartum period where you’re DONE with the rest and recovery, and just want to get back to normal life, but just aren’t quite ready to physically, I started this. Now, I knit about two rows a day, with many interruptions, but I”m highly motivated since Squishy is growing fast, and I want to get it done before she outgrows it. I’m making it slightly bigger than the pattern calls for, since Squishy was slightly bigger than we planned. (Slightly? Try by about two pounds!) But it is coming along. I’m slightly less than halfway done with it. I think if I had known I was having a second girl, I would have made it in pink instead. I’ve fully succumbed to pinkness now that I have two girls. Instead of trying to be practical and buying gender neutral things for things I might use again, I’ll go for the girly. Heaven help the poor kid who comes next if he’s a boy.  I love pink! 🙂


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